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Review Icon Although I spent many years wearing a partial denture, I was never really relaxed and confident wearing it. I realised that implants was an opportunity to finish with dentures. The outcome for me has been truly liberating and the implants have very much become my own teeth. I feel they have improved my smile and therefore my appearance. A real confidence boosting experience! Review Icon
Baran & Hull Dentistry £ Cheshire 01270 625315 Baran & Hull Dentistry
Review Icon Before I consulted you I was very unsure and apprehensive about any prospective treatment that I might require. I always found your approach extremely empathetic and reassuring. As a result I decided to go ahead and have implants fitted. I have been delighted with the results, so much so, that I felt sufficiently confident to disclose to friends that I have undergone the implant procedure. I have been impressed with the aftercare which I continue to receive. I should be happy to recommend the procedure, and reassure anyone of the high professional service they will receive from your practice. Review Icon
Baran & Hull Dentistry £ Cheshire 01270 625315 Baran & Hull Dentistry
Review Icon After several years of problems with my teeth, I finally decided to seek a permanent solution. As I determined that dentures would not be a part of that solution, I started to research dental implant options. Following the first examination, Karen Hull gave me a detailed explanation of the options available to me, her recommendation, the costs involved and an outline of the time each part of the treatment would require. My treatment included: bone grafts, eleven implants, and some other cosmetic dentistry.

At each stage of the process I felt that progress was being made. I was certainly kept informed on the results of the last process, and the purpose and expected outcome of the next process. Good communication and a commitment to quality are obviously a key aims at Baran & Hull.

I can now eat anything I want, without fear of pain, or teeth falling out. I look good, I smile more, and I feel more confident. I got exactly what I wanted. Extraordinarily, I paid exactly what I was told the cost would be at the initial review, several months earlier.

Good communication, a commitment to quality, and accurate cost forecasting, could probably be found at several dental practices. What I felt was unique at Baran & Hull was what appeared to be a personal commitment to you as a customer/patient which was far and above the normal professional commitment expected.

This we care was displayed not only by Karen Hull, but by her entire staff. This is why I have no hesitation in recommending this team to anybody who is considering dental surgery. Review Icon
Baran & Hull Dentistry £ Cheshire 01270 625315 Baran & Hull Dentistry
Review Icon Summed up easily, one of the best things ever to have had done. It works and there are no more embarrassing moments! Review Icon
Baran & Hull Dentistry £ Cheshire 01270 625315 Baran & Hull Dentistry
Review Icon At the age of 66, poor maintenance and the occasional accidents had reduced my mouth to a shadow of the version I should have continued to enjoy. Continued mouth infection, multiple fillings and ever increasing gaps made the long term prospect of easy eating increasingly difficult. Apples were taboo, nuts, a painful pleasure and smiling an activity to be avoided where possible.

Having experienced dentures before, on a temporary basis, I was aware of the handicaps. I approached Dr Hull, and the decision was quickly made to extract the remaining eight teeth in my upper jaw and to create a denture firmly located on four titanium implants. It was later agreed that the majority of my lower teeth should be removed and two implants placed to enable a partial denture to be fitted. This replaced the back teeth on both sides of my mouth, so restoring my ability to chew nuts etc.

The pain during this process was non-existent. The framework created has enabled Dr Hull to manufacture a set of dentures that work as well as my original teeth and strength in the resulting fixings is amazing.

The benefits of this treatment have proved very worthwhile. Thank you again for the excellent project you completed on my mouth. Review Icon
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