Dental Implants


The Implant Process

The implant process what actually happens?

Phase 1
Initial consultation appointment. A discussion of requirements on an individual basis. Usually photographs and x-rays (if required) are taken at this stage. An outline treatment proposal is then formulated and sent to the patient prior to a further discussion appointment ten days to two weeks later.

The treatment proposal is discussed and any concerns or fears are addressed. If the patient is happy to go ahead, models of the teeth are taken. From these models mock ups of the teeth can be made by the laboratory technician to mimic the shape of the new tooth or teeth to be replaced. This diagnostic stage is of great importance in order to achieve a successful final result.

Phase 2
This phase covers the placement of the implants and if indicated bone grafting can take place. There follows a healing phase, usually between 3-4 months while the implants osseointegrate with the bone.

[In some circumstances the implants may need to be uncovered after a suitable healing period and special posts or abutments connected (if not already attached). The post emerges from the gum and temporary crowns or dentures are fitted.

Phase 3
Following healing of the gum, impressions are then taken for the final teeth. This may involve a number of visits for:

  1. Impressions & Recording of bite and shading of teeth
  2. Try in & Final fit

Phase 4
During the first year after your new prosthesis has been placed on the implants, it is necessary for the dentist to confirm that it fits well and works satisfactorily. Regular checkup appointments will usually be scheduled at 1, 3, and 6 month intervals in the first year. At these checkups, x-rays may be taken to examine the implant-bone relationship and rule out any disease. After the first year, follow-up examinations are usually necessary only once a year.

These phases are a guideline, each case will be planned individually.

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