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What is the cost of implant treatment?

Since the individual needs of each patient vary greatly, it is necessary to formulate a treatment plan before the actual cost of treatment can be determined. Many factors are involved in this process including the number of implants needed, the type of replacement teeth desired and possible procedures necessary to enhance the final aesthetic and functional results. Once the treatment plan has been developed, a fee estimate is determined taking these factors into consideration.

Is there a charge for planning stages?

Yes. The planning stages of implant work are extremely important to the success of implant treatment and include a number of detailed investigations such as clinical evaluation, study models, radiographs, diagnostic wax-ups, measurement of bone quantity and quality and provision of a written treatment plan and estimate.

When you embark on the possibility of implant treatment you must be prepared to pay for these investigations as they are completed, irrespective of whether you finally choose to have implant treatment or alternative treatment.

When will I be expected to pay?

Implant treatment can take many months to complete depending on the complexity of the treatment. Therefore, in order to spread the cost of the treatment, we will divide the payments to correspond with the main treatment phases. These are:

  • Treatment Planning
  • Pre-Placement Treatments
  • Implant Placement
  • Restorative Procedures

We will require payment in full corresponding to each phase before proceeding onto the next phase

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